Our team utilizes game design, employee engagement, and organizational change expertise to deliver premium experiences for our clients.

We focus on the unique needs of each client to provide innovative, highly engaging experiences for your audience.

Eric Hedaa

Eric has 25 years of experience driving business results through the artful application of communications, game design, organizational development, and employee engagement. He’s the creative force that makes our transformational games incredibly engaging and effective.

Eric Brody

With over fifteen years experience working with large corporations, small start-ups, and industry associations Eric has proven that creating engaging and interactive experiences enables organizations to harness the power of their employees and create competitive advantage.

Krissy Brunner

Krissy is a project management and organizational expert that transforms ideas into engaging and effective programs.  Krissy successfully manages and delivers high-profile initiatives and events in the areas of employee engagement, game design, and IT applications.

Erin Hinton

Erin has over a decade of experience in engagement strategy. She applies her expertise to organizational development, process improvement, game development, employee engagement, interactive marketing, and research initiatives. Erin’s prowess at unearthing content and distilling it into viable language sets the tone for creating successful, engaging deliverables.

Erin Stevanus

Erin creates organizational design solutions grounded in people-centered design principles. She uses design thinking to catalyze businesses and organizations to accelerate innovation and transformation.

Dave Pearson

Dave is a dynamic facilitator with a passion for team development and helping individuals reach their potential. He brings over 35 years of leadership, facilitation, and training experience to ID&G.