Below you’ll find examples of how IG&D creates interactive experiences that bring our client strategies to life. The results speak for themselves.

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System Innovation Experiment (SIX)

4-hour business simulation focused on driving collaboration in the apparel industry.


Drive understanding and desire to collaborate to solve systemic sustainability challenges faced by the apparel industry,


95% of attendees had a better understanding of industry challenges and opportunities. 94% believe collaboration is critical to solving these challenges. The experience has gone viral; dozens of businesses & organizations request SIX to drive systems thinking & collaboration. The sustainable apparel coalition is adopting six to meet this demand.


A 1-hour transformational game focused on building teamwork and understanding how and where waste is created in the value chain (team based Jenga plus carnival games and trivia)


Engage 300+ cross-functional employees in a competitive team building game focused on reducing waste


100% of attendees said they built stronger cross-functional relationships. 98% had a better understanding of waste challenges and opportunities. 89% say they were motivated to take action in their jobs to identify, address, and reduce waste.

Attack From Left Field (AFLF)

Full day, competitive, gamified ideation session for executives (an intense brainstorming session with a Shark Tank TV show style judging and investing).


Drive executive leadership to envision how non-traditional competitors could threaten the company’s business model.


Senior leaders developed highly focused threats and actionable responses. They identified AFLF as most valuable session of the 3-day leadership conference. Leaders wanted to explore how other employees would play & think through how to respond to attacks generated in the game.

Future Inc.

4-hour transformational game focused on overcoming business challenges by investing in innovation & improving profitability.


Drive increased understanding & a measurable mindset shift about the importance of confronting challenges.


93% of attendees were motivated to take action in their job to help prepare for sustainability challenges. One year after playing, 73% said they took an action in their job as a result of playing.

Factory Lean Simulation (FLS)

4-hour business simulation focused on helping factory management teams implement Lean 2.0.


Drive factory management sourcing teams’ understanding & alignment to corporate strategy.


98% of attendees had a better understanding of lean 2.0. 95% were motivated to implement lean 2.0. Dozens of factory leaders requested FLS events for their workforce.